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Discrimination in the BSA

Exclusionary Practices & Policies of the
Boy Scouts of America


     A new site for LGBT youth (and their allies) who are registered youth members of the BSA is now on-line:

     The ScoutPride web site provides LGBT Scouts with the critical information which they need to make an informed decision on coming out to their unit after January 1, 2014. Resources for Scouts/Scouters on how to make their units more accepting and diverse are also available on the site. If you are, or know of, an LGBT Scout who is considering coming out, please take a few moments to get the real facts on the BSA's new policy. The site provides BSA documents which demonstrate that the BSA will take no action in preventing units from expelling LGBT youth, should they choose to disclose their sexual orientation.
     It is important to remember that the May 2013 resolution did NOT change the BSA's position on LGBT persons. The BSA still considers LGBT persons to be immoral, unclean, irreverent, and incapable of being good citizens. The only change is that for those few units who have no problem with openly LGBT youth, they will be able to be open with who they are, until they turn 18 (or 21 for Venture Scouts). At which time the BSA will kick them out of the organization.

    Do you think the BSA should be teaching our youth that discrimination is acceptable? Do you want to take action to make your opposition to the BSA's policies known?

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     In June 2000, the United States Supreme Court ruled (Dale v. BSA) that the New Jersey public law of accommodations violated the Boy Scouts of America's First Amendment right of expressive association and is therefore entitled to establish their own exclusionary membership criteria. Since this ruling, there has been an enormous amount of publicity on the BSA, as an organization, on its relationship with public and governmental agencies, and on its exclusionary practices and policies.
     This web site has been designed to provide those interested in the exclusionary practices and policies of the Boy Scouts of America with information on which to form their own decision on this issue. The sources for the material found on this web site range from personal accounts, BSA official documents, news articles, published books, doctoral dissertations, Internet postings, and more. Please note that all of the material on the site supporting/defending BSA's policies come from the BSA. Many have never previously been published in any manner. If you know of any other BSA document(s) regarding this subject, that you do not see on this site, please feel free to send it to us via e-mail. We're always interested in additional documentati

     Contrary to popular belief, BSA is still involved legal battles over their exclusionary membership policies.  To view a summary of these cases, click the image below:
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Mitt Romney Calls for the BSA
to STOP discriminating!


on on this topic.
     As the Boy Scouts of America have since the 1970s years referred to the central issue of their exclusionary policy as the "3 G's" (gays, girls and the godless), the web site has been divided into three (3) main areas of their exclusionary policies - Gays, the Godless, and Girls. The reviews published on this site discussing each of the 3 G's are admittedly biased against the BSA. All of the BSA's arguments for their policies are available on this web site and are referred to within the policy reviews. It is left up to you, the visitor to this site, to decide your personal position regarding BSA's discrimination.
     Please note that there is a great distinction between the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and the Scouting movement. This web site simply addresses the BSA's discrimination policies. It is not an "anti-Scouting" site in any manner. In fact, one could argue that the BSA's discrimination policies are such that the BSA is itself "anti-Scouting."
     This site also recognizes that there any many people within the BSA who disagree with the BSA's discrimination policies. There are many ways in which those who oppose the BSA's policies could remain within the organization, while making their opposition known. Unfortunately, the BSA's discrimination policies poses many severe moral and ethical problems for scouting families. For many, not being a part of an organization that practices discrimination is the only ethical and moral course of action to take. Others, feel that remaining, but taking decisive action to let the BSA know of their opposition through  many avenues that impacts the BSA , Inc, is the way for them to proceed. Whichever means you take, as long as your  actions communicate to the BSA that its discrimination polices are antithetical to Scouting's principles, then you will be living up to Scouting's true purpose.
     It is planned to make additions to the site as new developments with BSA occur. Any recent news items will be posted on the web site. Check out the latest news as of October 4, 2012!  To see what has been added/changed to this site, please check the Site Updates page. You can also find our disclaimer on this page.

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