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Religious Groups & BSA's Gay Policy

     Of all BSA's chartered partners, the group with the most influence on BSA's discriminatory practices on homosexuals are the religious organizations.
     Religious organizations charter a little over one-half of all BSA units. Granted, the Mormon church ("LDS") requires all their boys to join an LDS-chartered Scout troop, as Scouting is the church's only youth program. As such, it is not surprising to find that many of these units are inactive or even units found only on paper.
     For example, in 1998 LDS units comprised 25.8% of all units. However, only 12.2% of youth members were registered in such LDS sponsored units. Such a large disparity can only be explained by a large number of non-active units.
     Given the number of units religious organizations charter, they are able to have a large influence within BSA on national policies. One means of influence is through BSA's Religious Relationships Committee.

     One of the few BSA standing committees is it's Relationships Committee. Within the Relationships Committee, there are the following subcommittees

     As you might guess, the Religious Relationships Committee is both the largest and most influential of the four.
     Information on six religious organizations which charter BSA units are available on this web site:

     Additional information on other BSA's religious national partners will be added in the near future.

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