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BSA in the Courts


     Since the Dale decision there has been an explosion of lawsuits involving the BSA - brought against BSA and those filed by the BSA. Below is a listing of those that are currently being litigated. More information on most of these cases can be found by following the appropriate links.
     Recently, BSA has gone on the offensive by filing lawsuits against cities and public schools which refuse to endorse discrimination of any kind. They've even created a web site to spin their message. However, they do not provide any information on any the cases that have been brought against them. Just the ones they have filed against others
     Legal cases which have been concluded - one way or another - can be found in the relevant sections of this web site. The cases listed below are still pending in the courts. This section was last updated on July 31, 2012.

BSA's Discrimination against Gay youth/adults

BSA's Special Rights

BSA's Religious Discrimination

BSA and Public Funding

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